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Obviously AI is a no-code AI tool that allows users to rapidly build and deploy data science models without any coding. It provides a single-click solution for running data science processes, including building machine learning algorithms, explaining results, and predicting outcomes. With Obviously AI, users can turn raw data into industry-leading predictive models in minutes instead of months.

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how to use:
To use Obviously AI, follow these steps:

1. Sign up on the Obviously AI website.
2. Upload your tabular data and select the target variable.
3. Choose the type of prediction model you want to create (classification, regression, or time series).
4. Click on the ‘Build Model’ button to generate an AI model based on your data.
5. Explore the results and predictions from the model.
6. If desired, deploy the model with a single click to create web apps or integrate it into your existing tools using real-time REST APIs.
Core freatures:
Build AI models in minutesOne-click deployment to productionAutomated model monitoring with if-this-then-that automationsReal-time REST APIs for integrating AI into apps or visualizing prediction data24x7 access to a dedicated data scientist for assistance with data merging, enrichment, cleaning, etc.
Use case:

Churn prediction

Lead conversion prediction

Loan repayment prediction

Fraud detection

Sales prediction

Dynamic pricing prediction

Yield prediction

Deal size prediction

Prediction of sales in a specific time period

Stock price prediction for the next day

FAQ list:
What is Obviously AI? How do I use Obviously AI? What are the core features of Obviously AI? What are some use cases for Obviously AI?


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