Numberly is a free online math assistant that instantly solves math equations and metric conversions as you type. It is a browser extension that seamlessly integrates with your workspace and provides real-time solutions without the need to leave your current browser window.

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how to use:
To use Numberly, simply download and install the free extension on your browser. Once installed, you can start using it by typing math equations or metric conversions anywhere in your browser. Numberly will provide instant solutions and conversions as you type, making your number crunching effortless and error-free.
Core freatures:
Instantly solve math equations and perform metric conversions while typingAutomatic solution entry for math calculationsBuilt-in metric conversion featureReal-time calculation and conversion integration with email, social media messages, documents, and spreadsheetsPrivate and secure calculations with no data sent to third parties
Use case:

Professionals: Ensuring error-free calculations in any input box

Students: Dynamic math calculations with automatic solution entry

Everyone: Effortless metric conversions without the need for external searches

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