Norby AI

Norby AI is a chatbot solution powered by ChatGPT that allows online stores, healthcare providers, crypto companies, and fintech businesses to automate their customer support and provide quick and accurate answers to their customers.

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how to use:
To use Norby AI, simply create an account, copy and paste the provided code snippet onto your website, and copy-paste your product/service description, documentation, or FAQs into the automation. Once done, your AI Chatbot will be ready to assist your customers.
Core freatures:
AI-powered chatbotAutomated customer supportQuick and correct answersEasy setupNo code knowledge required24/7 support automation
Use case:

Online stores

Healthcare providers

Cryptocurrency businesses

Fintech companies

FAQ list:
What is Norby AI? How do I use Norby AI? What are the core features of Norby AI? Who can benefit from Norby AI? Is there a free trial available for Norby AI? Where can I find pricing information for Norby AI?


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