nOps is an automated FinOps platform that helps customers reduce their AWS costs by up to 50% on auto-pilot.

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how to use:
To use nOps, customers can sign up for a free 30-day trial and connect their infrastructure with nOps. The platform leverages AI-powered automation to track, analyze, and optimize AWS usage, helping businesses reduce costs without the commitment of financial risk. nOps offers solutions for cost allocation, chargebacks, showbacks, tagging, risk-free commitment management, EC2 and RDS savings, EKS cost optimization, stop/start scheduling, EBS storage optimization, AWS cloud migration, Well-Architected reviews, and more. Customers can access helpful resources like blogs, case studies, webcasts, whitepapers, and FAQs to learn best practices and optimize their cloud environment. nOps also offers customer support articles, billing help, and password assistance. The platform is trusted by innovative brands, from startups to enterprise, and is SOC 2 compliant.
Core freatures:
Automated cost optimization on auto-pilotReduces AWS costs by up to 50%Supports cost allocation, chargebacks, showbacks, and taggingOffers risk-free commitment management for EC2 and RDS savingsAutomatically optimizes EKS infrastructure costs by 50% or moreEnables one-click EC2, EKS, RDS stop/start schedulingAutomatically optimizes EBS storage and saves up to 20%Maximizes AWS cloud migration funding and automates resource taggingProvides AWS Well-Architected review findings and reportsOffers educational resources like blogs, case studies, webcasts, and whitepapersSupports cloud security, cost optimization, and Well-Architected framework best practicesProvides a glossary of terms related to AWS CloudOpsTrusted by innovative brands and is SOC 2 compliant
Use case:

Reducing AWS costs on auto-pilot

Optimizing EKS infrastructure costs

Scheduling stop/start of EC2, EKS, and RDS resources

Optimizing EBS storage

Maximizing AWS cloud migration funding

Conducting AWS Well-Architected reviews

Learning best practices for cloud management and automation

Tracking and analyzing cloud environment

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