NocodeBooth is a Nocode web app template that allows you to easily launch your own AI Image Generation application. It provides a fully responsive design and includes features such as user registration, payment integration, automated processes, an admin dashboard, referral program, and email notifications.

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how to use:
To use NocodeBooth, you can start by signing up users through Google sign-up button. Users can then place orders by uploading 8-10 photos and selecting the styles they want the output images to look like. The application will train a new model based on the user’s uploaded images and generate images based on the selected styles. Once the AI image generation process is complete, users will receive a link to download the images via email. The admin dashboard allows you to manage orders, create and edit prompts/styles, test new prompts, and track referrals and credits.
Core freatures:
User RegistrationPaymentsAutomated ProcessesAdmin DashboardReferral ProgramEmail Notifications
Use case:

Wedding Dress Ideas Generator

Abroad Locations Photoshoot

Ecom Product Photography

High-Quality Portrait Photography

Custom Caricatures

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