No-code AI Model Builder

Build AI Avatar apps is a platform that offers a free course on building powerful AI apps using no-code and low-code tools. The platform allows users to train custom AI Avatar models without any coding knowledge and generate unlimited custom images for various use cases.

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how to use:
To use Build AI Avatar apps, follow these steps:
1. Get set up in the Rowy workspace.
2. Choose an idea for your model.
3. Set up a database playground.
4. Train your custom AI Avatar model using Replicate Dreambooth.
5. Generate images with your custom model.
6. Create custom AI models for any use case.
Core freatures:
The core features of Build AI Avatar apps include:
– Free course on building AI apps with no-code and low-code tools
– Training custom AI Avatar models using Replicate Dreambooth and Rowy
– Generating unlimited custom images
– Creating custom AI models for various use cases
Use case:

Creating custom avatars for apps or websites

Generating custom images for games or stories

Designing futuristic or cyberpunk-themed images

Creating personalized logos or branding materials

Developing AI models for dog avatars or hairstyles

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