NextBrain AI

NextBrain AI is a platform that provides user-friendly machine learning tools for businesses to harness the power of AI without coding. It offers solutions for no-code machine learning, ML models, generative AI, and marketing mix modeling.

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how to use:
To use NextBrain AI, you can either choose the web app or Google Sheets plugin. Import your data from various sources like CSV, Google Sheets, SQL Databases, MongoDB, or use the Dataslayer API. Select the type of model you want to build, customize training parameters, and let NextBrain train your model. It provides actionable insights and predictions that can be used for decision-making.
Core freatures:
No-Code Machine LearningML ModelsGenerative AIChatGPTMarketing Mix ModelingFast and accurate model trainingExplained ML and actionable insightsConnectivity with various data sourcesGenerative AI assistant using LLMChat-based data analysis and transformations
Use case:

Marketing Mix Modeling to optimize ROI

Li-ion Battery Aging modeling

Energy Efficiency modeling in buildings

Diabetes Prediction for healthcare applications

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