NeuralCam – Auto-editing Camera

NeuralCam is a company that builds smart camera apps with AI-powered image processing.

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how to use:
To use NeuralCam, simply download the iOS app onto your iPhone or the Mac app onto your Mac device. Launch the app and start capturing photos or videos. The advanced AI image processing capabilities will enhance your images to produce professional-quality results.
Core freatures:
AI-powered image processingNeuralBox – Remember AnythingNeuralCam Live for MacNeuralCam – NightMode & AI CameraNeuralCam Live for iOSNeuralCam Night VideoProStyle
Use case:

Enhance photos and videos using AI image processing

Capture vibrant night photos with NeuralCam NightMode

Use NeuralCam Live to capture high-quality videos on Mac or iOS devices

Record stunning night videos with NeuralCam Night Video

Utilize ProStyle to add professional styling to your photos and videos

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