Neural Wave

Neural Wave is a B2B SaaS platform that simplifies automation by enabling businesses of all sizes to automate tasks using plain language instructions. It utilizes Generative AI to eliminate the need for technical expertise and expensive RPA development. Users can automate tasks on any software applications and process structured and unstructured documents.

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how to use:
To use Neural Wave, simply explain the task you want to automate in plain language. You don’t need any technical skills or RPA development expertise. The custom Large Language Model (LLM) powered by Generative AI understands and executes the instructions. It can automate tasks on software applications and process structured and unstructured documents. No coding or APIs are required.
Core freatures:
Generative AI-powered automationPlain language instructionsAutomation of tasks on any software applicationsProcessing structured and unstructured documents
Use case:

Checking and responding to emails

Extracting employee data from databases

Retrieving payment records from bank statements

Creating sales presentations

Making payments to vendors

Creating production orders

Capturing sales data

Processing payroll

Extracting data from invoices

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