neural frames

neural frames is an AI-based motion content generator that allows users to create videos from text. It utilizes an artificial neural network called Stable Diffusion, which has been trained on 2.7 billion images, to convert text prompts into motion content.

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how to use:
To use neural frames, simply input a text prompt which describes the desired video content. The AI animation generator will then convert the text prompt into a video using its trained neural network model. Users have the option to choose from various preset styles or train their own custom models.
Core freatures:
Text-to-video generationVariable styles and presetsAI prompt assistantReal-time access and controlFine-grained camera controlsUpscaling for higher video resolutionFrame interpolation for smooth animationsAbility to add music to videos
Use case:

Digital Art

Music Videos


FAQ list:
Do I own the rights on my videos? What are standard models? What are custom models? What is upscaling?


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