MyShell is the first platform for creating robots powered by AI and Web3. It allows users to create personalized chatbots called Shell through an interactive workshop, enabling them to construct useful and entertaining bots. These Shell chatbots can be customized and shared with friends and the community.

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how to use:
To use MyShell, start by accessing the app on the website. Once inside, you can immerse yourself in the interactive workshop to create your own personalized chatbot, known as a Shell. Use versatile components to construct your Shell, blending them to make it useful and entertaining. You can also integrate customizable knowledge, voice capabilities, infinite memory, internet and API connections, and even multimodal inputs. Fine-tune your chatbot using custom data. For a unique experience, explore a historical event as a time-traveling merchant gathering information while interacting with villagers in a small village in the year 1350.
Core freatures:
Customizable Knowledge IntegrationVoice StudioInfinite MemoryInternet & API IntegrationMultimodal IntegrationCustom Data Fine-Tuning
Use case:

Create personalized chatbots for various purposes

Construct entertaining and useful chatbots to share with friends and the community

Explore historical events and gather information as a time-traveling merchant

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