myBeat is a platform that enables users to create visually stunning vinyl music videos instantly and for free. By leveraging AI technology, users can generate unique and eye-catching vinyl covers in just a few clicks. Additionally, myBeat allows users to create vinyl videoclips for their music releases on Spotify, helping them increase their exposure and take advantage of Spotify’s algorithm. With myBeat, users can personalize their vinyl clips by adding their own backgrounds, adjusting the cover size, applying rotation, and adding fades.

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how to use:
To use myBeat, simply sign up for an account on the website. Once signed in, users can start creating their vinyl music videos by following these steps:

1. Choose ‘Create Vinyl’ feature
2. Upload your track or select a track from your music library
3. Use the AI artwork generator to create a unique vinyl cover or upload your own cover
4. Drop videos or gifs onto the canvas to elevate your vinyl
5. Customize your vinyl clip by adjusting the size, adding background, rotation, and fades
6. Publish your vinyl clip straight to Spotify’s Canvas to reach new audiences
7. Choose the best part of your track or use the entire track for YouTube promotion

That’s it! Your vinyl music video is now ready to be shared on your socials.
Core freatures:
AI artwork generationCreating vinyl videoclips for Spotify with CanvasCustomization optionsNo watermarkTrack selectionVideos and gifs integration
Use case:

Music promotion on social media

Increasing exposure on Spotify

Creating visually stunning vinyl music videos

Sharing music releases on YouTube

Personalizing vinyl videos with unique artwork and customization options

FAQ list:


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