Morgen is a unified calendar, scheduler, and task manager that allows users to manage their calendars, to-dos, and scheduling in one place. It integrates with various calendars and to-do apps and is available on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for Morgen on their website.2. Download and install the Morgen app for your preferred platform.3. Connect Morgen with your calendars and to-do apps.4. Consolidate, sync, and manage your calendars in one place.5. Schedule meetings, block time for important work, and manage your tasks directly in Morgen.6. Customize your scheduling preferences and easily share your availability with others.7. Integrate your favorite productivity tools and apps to enhance your time management experience.8. Access Morgen on any device to stay organized and productive.
Core freatures:
Unified Calendar: Consolidate and manage multiple calendars in one place.Scheduling: Schedule meetings, block time for work, and manage your availability.Task Manager: Integrate or create to-do lists and schedule tasks in your calendar.Developer APIs (alpha): Customize and extend Morgen’s functionality with developer APIs.Platforms: Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.CalDav: Integration with CalDav calendars.Multi-platform Support: Use Morgen on various devices and operating systems.
Use case:

Individuals looking to consolidate and manage their calendars and to-dos in one place.

Professionals who need to schedule meetings and block time for important tasks.

Teams and businesses in need of a time management solution for improved productivity.

People with busy schedules who want to easily manage their availability and avoid scheduling conflicts.

Users who want to integrate multiple productivity apps and tools for enhanced time management.

Individuals who want to access their calendars and to-dos on multiple devices.

FAQ list:
What platforms is Morgen available on? Can I integrate my existing calendars and to-do apps with Morgen? Does Morgen have a mobile app?


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