Monitaur is an AI governance software platform that helps organizations manage and govern the entire lifecycle of their AI systems. It provides a complete risk management solution to record, monitor, govern, and audit AI, ensuring machine learning assurance.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for an account on the Monitaur platform
2. Create a project and define your AI system
3. Use the platform to document the lifecycle of your AI journey
4. Leverage user-friendly workflows to ensure responsible AI practices
5. Monitor for bias, drift, and anomalies
6. Govern and comply with AI governance frameworks
7. Record, inspect, and verify AI models
8. Audit your AI systems to maintain transparency and trust
Core freatures:
Complete risk management solutionLifecycle governance of AIDocumenting AI journeyMonitoring for bias, drift, and anomaliesGovernance compliance with frameworksRecording, inspecting, and verifying AI modelsAudit for transparency and trust
Use case:

Mitigating AI risk

Leveraging full potential of AI

Turning AI intentions into action

Facilitating responsible AI systems

Improving risk mitigation and bottom line

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