Mokker AI is an online platform that offers instant AI background replacement for product photos. It uses artificial intelligence technology to seamlessly remove the background of a product image and replace it with a realistic background, eliminating the need for manual editing in software like Photoshop.

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how to use:
To use Mokker AI, follow these steps:
1. Upload a product photo.
2. Choose from a wide selection of templates that fit your brand or industry.
3. Let the AI do its magic and generate a high-quality product photo with a realistic background.
4. Download and use the generated image in your website, social media, or marketing materials.
Core freatures:
Instant AI background replacementHigh-quality and realistic resultsWide selection of templatesSupport for various industries and productsEasy customization and adjustment of templates
Use case:

Enhancing website or online shop with tailored, high-quality product images

Creating engaging and attention-grabbing social media imagery

Generating high-resolution, print-ready product images for marketing materials

FAQ list:
Can you use Mokker’s AI for product photography? How does Mokker work? Is there a free trial available? Who owns the product photos? Where can I use my photos? Can I get an invoice? Do I need a subscription?


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