Charm is a command line platform that aims to make the command line interface glamorous and user-friendly. It offers various tools and applications for developers to enhance their command line experience.

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how to use:
To use Charm, simply install the CLI interface and start exploring the available tools. You can try out the newest features directly from the command line without the need for a browser. Charm offers applications for email sending, SSH app development, terminal user interfaces, markdown rendering, logging, animation, and more.
Core freatures:
Mods: Tap into the unlimited potential of machine learning with a CLI interface to the world’s best models.EmailsSent: Send emails smartly from the command line using the Resend application.Lip Gloss: Customize your terminal style and layout with this toolkit.Glow: Read markdown on the CLI with customizable interfaces and support for local and remote data.Skate: Manage your personal key value store with an intuitive command line user interface.Open source commitment: The Charm ecosystem is built on open source technologies, and Charmbracelet, Inc. maintains a commitment to open sourcing their own work.
Use case:

Developers looking to enhance their command line experience

Users interested in machine learning and AI development

Individuals who prefer reading markdown on the command line

People who require a command line tool for sending emails

Developers in need of a key value store solution with a command line interface

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