Mixpeek is an intelligent file store powered by the latest extraction, indexing, and searching technology. It allows developers to build Google-like file search capabilities into their software using a single API. Mixpeek supports multimodal search, enabling users to perform contextual searches across videos, images, audio, and text with just one line of code.

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how to use:
To use Mixpeek, developers need to integrate the Mixpeek API into their software. They can then utilize the API to perform contextual searches across various file types. Developers can upload files, extract key features from those files such as actions, objects, themes, text, speech, people, and more. The files are securely transmitted and parsed, and the extracted features are indexed for efficient searching. Users can then search for content using natural language queries that span all the ingested content. The API also provides customization options, allowing developers to fine-tune the search model for specific use-cases and recommendations.
Core freatures:
Intelligent file storeMultimodal searchContextual searchNatural language processing (NLP)File ingestionFeature extractionContent searchingFine-tuning and re-rankingInference and scaling
Use case:

Content discovery

Visual shopping

Media discovery

Content Q&A


Media streaming

Education technology

News and media

Digital marketing

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