Minodor is an AI-powered content generator that assists users in creating search engine optimized articles. It uses AI technology to generate titles, outlines, and full articles based on keywords and competitor analysis.

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how to use:
1. Generate Titles: Enter your keyword and Minodor will generate relevant titles for your article. You can also check and modify competitors’ titles.2. Get Outline: Based on the chosen title, Minodor generates an outline for your article and provides the option to check competitors’ outlines. You can edit and modify the outline as per your needs.3. Generate Article: Using the outline, Minodor generates a complete article. You can improve the SEO score and modify the article as required. It also allows you to share the article on platforms like Medium and WordPress.
Core freatures:
1. Title Generation: AI-powered title generation based on keywords.2. Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitors’ titles and outlines.3. Outline Generation: Generate outlines for articles based on chosen titles.4. SEO Optimization: Improve SEO score and make modifications to the article.5. Text Editor: Edit and modify generated articles.6. Image Generation: Get images for your articles.7. External Links: Find relevant external links for your articles.
Use case:

Creating SEO-friendly articles

Improving search engine rankings

Streamlining content creation process

Generating optimized outlines and titles

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