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Mini Course Generator is a platform that allows users to create interactive mini-courses and micro-learning materials quickly and easily. It utilizes AI-Assistant to simplify the course creation process and save time and energy.

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how to use:
To create mini-courses with Mini Course Generator, simply follow these steps:
1. Sign in to your account or create a new one.
2. Choose the topic or subject for your mini-course.
3. Use the AI-Assistant feature to help you with content creation and structure.
4. Add multimedia elements like videos, images, and PDFs to enhance your mini-course.
5. Include quiz or survey questions to engage learners and assess their knowledge.
6. Customize the layout and theme of your mini-course to match your branding.
7. Decide how users will access your content, whether through registration, login, or gateways.
8. Embed your mini-course on webpages or share it with a customizable link.
9. Utilize the AI-Assistant to automate workflows and connect to other tools.
10. Make any necessary adjustments or additions and publish your mini-course.
Core freatures:
AI-Assistant for content creationSimplified card structure for easy course buildingMultimedia support for videos, images, and PDFsQuiz and survey questions for interactive learningCustomizable layout and themesCustom domains for brandingCompletion customization for personalized messagesAutomations with webhooks for workflow integration
Use case:

Educational lead magnets

Workshop enrichment assets

Micro-learning materials

Monetizing mini-courses

Training and professional development

FAQ list:


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