Mentioned is an automated email outreach tool designed to help bloggers reach out to individuals and companies they have mentioned in their blog posts. It streamlines the process of finding contact information and sending personalized email campaigns, allowing bloggers to build relationships, increase brand awareness, and potentially acquire backlinks from their mentions.

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how to use:
To use Mentioned, simply follow these steps:
Step 1: Scan your blog post to identify the people and companies you’ve mentioned.
Step 2: Confirm the accuracy of the identified mentions and compile a list of contacts.
Step 3: Create and customize your email campaign templates.
Step 4: Start the automated email campaign and track the success of your outreach efforts through the dashboard.
By utilizing Mentioned, bloggers can efficiently manage their outreach campaigns and save time on manual tasks.
Core freatures:
Automated scanning of blog posts for mentionsContact information identificationPre-composed email sequencesCampaign analytics and trackingBuilt-in integrations with platforms like Webflow, Facebook, and Twitter
Use case:

Influencer outreach

Link building

Building relationships with new connections

Increasing brand awareness

Potential acquisition of backlinks

FAQ list:


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