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LearnMentalModels is a website that provides resources and tools for improving thinking skills and decision-making using mental models. It offers an AI Coach that helps users navigate complex scenarios and problems by applying over 50 mental models.

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how to use:
To use LearnMentalModels, simply sign up for the AI Coach service. Chat with the AI Coach to discuss your unique scenarios and problems. The AI Coach will ask you thoughtful questions and suggest different mental models to help you think better and make better decisions. After each conversation, you will receive a personalized 3-step action plan tailored to your specific situation. Additionally, you can join the exclusive members-only community for collaboration and support.
Core freatures:
AI Coach for mental models guidanceAccess to over 50 mental modelsPersonalized action plan with 3-step guidanceExclusive members-only communityThoughtful questions to explore scenarios and problems
Use case:

Improving decision-making skills

Gaining clarity and direction in complex situations

Overcoming cognitive biases

Solving problems effectively

Enhancing critical thinking abilities

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