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Medoo is smart coaching software that helps coaches increase coachee retention, engagement, and throughput. It is built equally for the coach and coachee, co-created with coaches and coachees, and powered by AI to facilitate quick ‘aha!’ moments.

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how to use:
1. Create a safe space with the shared journal to record thoughts, insights, goals, and actions.
2. Motivate action by setting goals and breaking them into actionable steps.
3. Track progress with practical data visualizations and mind maps.
4. Inspire insight by encouraging self-reflection using a custom library of resources and exercises.
5. Collaborate, inspire, and grow with Medoo to enhance your coaching practice.
Core freatures:
Shared journal for recording and tracking thoughts, insights, goals, and actionsGoal setting and breaking them into actionable stepsPractical data visualizations and mind maps for tracking progressCustom library of resources and exercises for self-reflectionCollaboration and communication tools for coaches and coachees
Use case:

Coaches: Take coaching to new heights with custom coaching journeys, progress tracking, and archived notes.

People Leaders: Support team growth by building coaching journeys, setting and tracking goals, and maintaining conversations.

Therapists: Design treatment plans, collaborate with patients, track progress, and visualize success.

Personal Growth: Continue self-growth journey, set new goals, and use the shared journal for recording thoughts and experiences.

FAQ list:
What is Medoo? How can Medoo be used? What are the core features of Medoo? What are the use cases for Medoo?


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