Mayday is an AI-assisted calendar app that helps individuals organize, manage, and protect their schedule. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize scheduling preferences and patterns, allowing users to spend their time in more meaningful ways.

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how to use:
1. Download the Mayday app on your iOS, macOS, or iPadOS device.
2. Sign up and create an account.
3. Start adding events to your calendar by typing in natural language or using the AI assistant.
4. Mayday will suggest ideal times for your events based on your preferences and availability.
5. Use scheduling links to easily coordinate meetings with others.
6. Mayday can automatically schedule and manage tasks in your calendar.
7. Let Mayday analyze your calendar to allocate protective time blocks and safeguard your schedule from being overbooked.
8. Take advantage of features like FYI events, time windows, smart tags, widgets, and calendar sync to enhance your productivity and organization.
Core freatures:
AI-assisted schedulingPersonalized recommendationsOptimization for meetings, tasks, and flexibilityScheduling links for coordinating meetingsAuto-scheduled tasksTime protection against overbookingAI assistant for calendar managementNatural language event creationFYI events to minimize involvementTime windows for prioritizing availabilitySmart tags for event categorizationWidgets for quick schedule overviewCalendar sync for multiple calendar integrationBuffer time for preparation and debriefMenu bar for instant access to upcoming meetingsSmart travel time for commute schedulingSupport for Google Calendar, Microsoft 365, Apple iCloudBuilt with SwiftUI
Use case:

Organize personal and work schedules efficiently

Coordinate meetings and collaborations with team members

Optimize time for focused work and productivity

Create a balanced schedule for both individual and collaborative tasks

Protect personal well-being and avoid burnout by allocating time blocks

Effortlessly manage multiple calendars from different platforms

Streamline event creation using natural language input

Quickly access upcoming meetings and stay on track

Efficiently schedule commute time

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