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Markopolo is an eCommerce growth platform that helps businesses track and personalize marketing for consumers across devices and platforms. Its unique selling point is MarkTag, a server-side pixel that recaptures lost audience due to cookie loss, thereby increasing revenue.

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how to use:
To use Markopolo, businesses can sign up for a free trial and login to the platform. They can then discover and engage their ideal customers through precise targeting, track conversions and recapture lost audience using advanced attribution techniques, streamline marketing processes through automation, and boost performance and returns through optimization. Markopolo offers specialized solutions for agencies, enterprises, and eCommerce businesses.
Core freatures:
Targeting: Discover and engage ideal customers through focused targeting and preset audiences.Automation: Streamline marketing processes at scale with rule-based automation and limitless personalization.Attribution: Track conversions and recapture lost audience with robust data collection and server-side pixel.Optimization: Boost performance and maximize returns through AI-enhanced ad optimization and smart budget allocation.
Use case:

Agency: Enhance outcomes and serve more clients with precise data mapping and advanced marketing automation.

E-commerce: Increase sales by 30% using best-in-class retargeting tool, targeted insights, and cross-channel advertising.

Enterprise: Scale to 2x growth with advanced marketing automation, optimized budget allocation, and dynamic creatives and trends.

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