Marketplan is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows users to plan, execute, project, and optimize their entire marketing strategies from one powerful place. It offers a range of features including platform funnel mapping and planning, team collaboration, cost and sales forecasting, live analytics, and more. is built for marketing agencies, marketing teams, and online entrepreneurs to streamline their marketing efforts.

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how to use:
1. Map Campaigns: Use’s canvas to connect all parts of your marketing campaign in one place.2. Team Collaboration: Keep your team on the same page with task assignments, comments, chat, file sharing, and progress notifications.3. Run Projections: Project your CPC, total ad spend, visitors, leads, conversion rates, sales, and calculate ROI before launching your campaign.4. Optimization: Track your live campaign with real-time analytics and make data-driven decisions to maximize your marketing performance.
Core freatures:
Platform funnel mapping and planningTeam collaborationCost and sales forecastingLive analyticsBuilt for marketing agencies, marketing teams, and online entrepreneurs
Use case:

Marketing agencies: Add visual value to client pitches, coops, and live reporting to scale your agency with confidence.

Marketing teams: Centralize your team’s workflow, streamline communication, and enhance productivity with one platform.

Online entrepreneurs: Plan and make live business decisions to achieve maximum ROI and optimize marketing strategies.

FAQ list:
What is Who is for? What are the core features of How can I use Is there a free account option? Where can I find pricing information?


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