MarbleFlows is a platform that helps businesses generate and convert more leads by using automated and gamified onboarding flows on their website. It offers custom forms, interactive widgets, and feedback forms with engaging design to capture more qualified leads and customer data.

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how to use:
To use MarbleFlows, follow these steps:
1. Create engaging journeys: Design your own onboarding flows with the desired layout and make changes as needed.
2. Add interactive elements: Include videos, quizzes, forms, and other gamified elements to make the user experience more engaging.
3. Make journeys part of your website: Save development time by seamlessly integrating the onboarding flows into your website.
4. Analyze the results: Use MarbleFlows’ analysis tools to better understand and qualify your leads.
Core freatures:
Create feedback forms with custom designLead capture flows with conditional logicInteractive widgets of any size and formatSave time on development with pre-designed templatesAnalyze and understand lead data betterEngage leads with gamified elements
Use case:

Generate and convert more leads

Increase active users in product

Improve feature adoption

First-time user onboarding

Upselling journeys

FAQ list:


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