Maps GPT

MapsGPT is a powerful map generator tool powered by OpenAI and Proxi. It allows users to create custom maps with pins in seconds, making it easy to discover and explore various locations and points of interest.

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how to use:
To use MapsGPT, simply visit the website and start generating your custom map. You can provide specific search queries or prompts, such as finding flea markets, date night spots, beautiful bridges, or unique locations for specific activities. The tool will generate a map with custom pins based on your inputs. You can also log in to Proxi to revisit and modify the maps you’ve created.
Core freatures:
Generate custom maps with pins in secondsSearch for specific places or activities near a locationExplore historical places and create themed mapsDiscover places with specific vibes or atmospheresCreate editable maps and make revisions
Use case:

Finding the best flea markets in a specific city

Planning a romantic sunrise viewing location in San Francisco

Discovering independent bookstores with rare finds in Portland

Identifying spots to paddleboard near Lake Chelan, WA

Finding scenic spots for Instagram pictures near the Eiffel Tower

Exploring mysterious places to have karaoke nights in Chicago

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