Maket is a generative design software that enables architects, builders, and developers to quickly generate thousands of architectural plans instantly. It revolutionizes design by utilizing generative AI to automate residential floorplans, 3D renders, and explore limitless styles.

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how to use:
To use Maket, follow these steps:
1. Manage: Input your project constraints, such as land size, building size, shape, and desired room adjacencies.
2. Generate: Test different concepts by utilizing the AI algorithm to generate thousands of early-stage concepts.
3. Visualize: View your 2D floor plans in a 3D environment to determine the design that works best for your project.
Core freatures:
Automated floorplan generationStyle explorationCustomization of design elementsVirtual assistant for material, cost, and design guidanceRegulatory compliance assistance
Use case:






FAQ list:
What is Maket’s Plan Generator, and how does it work? Can Maket’s platform help me explore different interior and exterior design styles? How can I use Maket to get information about materials, costs, and design options? What is Maket’s Regulatory Assistant, and how can it help me navigate zoning codes? Can Maket help me with both the design and regulatory aspects of my architectural project?


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