Maintain-AI – Good Roads Cost Less

Maintain-AI is a platform that automates the inspection, analysis, and reporting of pavement and related infrastructure performance within a road network. It uses AI-powered computer vision and machine learning models to detect pavement defects, assess infrastructure elements, and provide objective network inspections.

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how to use:
To use Maintain-AI, asset owners and maintainers can gather data by capturing road network images using the platform’s automated road survey solution. The collected data is then analyzed through machine learning algorithms, recorded and reviewed on intuitive dashboards. This allows users to optimize the use of available funding, better communicate funding needs, and improve the efficiency of pavement and infrastructure management.
Core freatures:
Automated inspection and analysis of pavement and related infrastructure performanceAI-powered computer vision and machine learning modelsObjective network inspectionsOptimization of available fundingIntuitive dashboards for data visualization and review
Use case:

Road network asset management

Pavement maintenance and preservation

Infrastructure inspection and assessment

Budget optimization for maintenance activities

More informed decision-making

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