Magic Form

MagicForm is an app that allows users to create quizzes or tests in seconds by converting any text into quiz questions. It utilizes AI technology to automate the process and is available as an add-on for Google Forms.

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how to use:
To use MagicForm, simply copy and paste the desired text from any source into the app. Then, enter the number of questions you want and choose the question type. Click on the ‘Generate’ button, and MagicForm will automatically generate the quiz questions for you.
Core freatures:
Converts text into quiz questionsSupports over 100 languagesUtilizes AI technologyWorks within Google FormsCan generate quiz questions in secondsSuitable for teachers, students, and anyone who needs to create quizzes or tests
Use case:

Teachers and Schools: Generate new question sets quickly and easily

HR Teams: Create assessments from compliance documents in minutes

Publishers and Edtech Companies: Save time and money by creating assessments in-house

FAQ list:
What do I receive after purchasing a license? Can someone else order the license on my behalf? How is support provided and what does it include? What constitutes a user in terms of pricing? Does your company look at or share my data? Can’t find an answer to your question?


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