is a free AI room planner and virtual home designer that allows users to personalize their interior and exterior home designs. Users can create their own AI, trained by top architects, to redesign existing spaces or visualize new rooms with endless possibilities.

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how to use:
To use, follow these steps:
1. Create your AI persona by selecting from over 55 design styles.
2. Upload images of your space or take a photo to redesign an existing room.
3. Use AI prompts and the magic wand tool to enhance your designs.
4. Export HD images or render in different styles using AI rendering and 3D apps.
5. Redesign places by taking a picture or uploading a reference photo for redesigned AI generations.
Core freatures:
Personalize room plans with photos and AI personas.Redesign existing spaces or visualize new rooms.AI prompts and magic wand tool for design enhancements.Export HD images in seconds.Render with AI in different styles for limitless variations.Live design and redesign using reference photos.Create limitless AI personas tailored to your design needs.AI fabric and wallpaper designer for customized designs.
Use case:

Architectural renovation drawings to art

Interior concept design

Fabric and wallpaper designer

FAQ list:


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