Luna is a lead generation software that uses AI to find perfect leads and send highly personalized emails. It helps businesses scale up their sales efforts by automating prospecting and increasing engagement with leads.

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how to use:
To use Luna, you need to train Luna about your company, target audience, and tone-of-voice. Luna’s AI absorbs this information and suggests new high-quality leads every day. It also generates personalized emails based on the prospect’s website and social profiles. You can let Luna work independently, like a sales team member, and scale your sales efforts effortlessly.
Core freatures:
AI-powered lead generationHighly personalized email suggestionsAccess to a database of 275+ million up-to-date contacts100% verified profiles to avoid bounced emailsAbility to add your own leads to LunaIntegration with CRM tools like Hubspot and Pipedrive
Use case:

Finding and engaging with high-quality leads

Scaling sales efforts without depending on personal connections

Saving time on prospecting and email outreach

Increasing reply rates and hitting sales quotas

FAQ list:


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