Luminal is a powerful AI copilot that allows users to clean, transform, and analyze spreadsheets 10 times faster. It leverages artificial intelligence to automate and expedite these tasks, providing users with increased productivity and efficiency.

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how to use:
To use Luminal, simply upload your spreadsheet to the platform. The AI copilot will then assist you in cleaning and transforming the data, helping you identify and fix errors, inconsistencies, and formatting issues. Once the data is refined, Luminal enables you to perform in-depth analysis, generating insights and visualizations for better decision-making.
Core freatures:
Automated spreadsheet cleaningEfficient spreadsheet transformationAdvanced spreadsheet analysisError identification and fixingData formatting assistanceInsight generationData visualization
Use case:

Data cleaning and preparation

Data transformation and restructuring

Data analysis and reporting

Financial data analysis

Sales and marketing analytics

Inventory management analysis

FAQ list:
What file formats does Luminal support? Does Luminal require any installation? Is my data safe with Luminal? Can Luminal handle large datasets? Does Luminal require coding skills?


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