Logistify AI

Logistify AI provides Automated Inventory Verification for Warehouses and Factories using Computer Vision. It helps reduce inventory losses due to human errors in manual counting and decrease labor costs by utilizing automated CCTV computer vision.

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how to use:
To use Logistify AI, you can integrate it with your existing ERP system and CCTV cameras. The platform automatically identifies each SKU and verifies it against your ERP loading manifest. It also counts each SKU unit item and verifies it against your ERP loading manifest. Additionally, it can identify vehicles at the loading docks and verify them against your ERP shipping/receiving manifest. Logistify AI provides audit reports to help you track and manage your inventory more effectively.
Core freatures:
Automated Inventory VerificationComputer VisionInventory IdentificationInventory CountingPlate Number RecognitionERP Integrations
Use case:



FAQ list:
What is Logistify AI? How does Logistify AI work? What are the core features of Logistify AI? Who can benefit from Logistify AI? Is pricing information available?


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