Lettria is a no-code AI platform for text that allows users to easily structure textual data, collaborate efficiently, and turn it into actionable insights. With Lettria, users can harness the true power of their data by building custom NLP models and chatbots.

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how to use:
To use Lettria, you can start by signing up for a free account on the platform. Once logged in, you can access Lettria’s various NLP features such as text collection and management, text cleaning, text labeling, dictionary management, taxonomy management, and ontology management. You can also train and evaluate NLP models using Lettria’s AutoLettria tool. Lettria’s platform is designed to be user-friendly and does not require any coding knowledge. Simply follow the intuitive interface and utilize the available features to process and analyze your text data.
Core freatures:
Text Collection & ManagementText CleaningText LabelingDictionary ManagementTaxonomy ManagementOntology ManagementAutoLettria NLP Training
Use case:

Verbatim Analysis – Analyze and gain insights from customer reviews and feedbacks.

CRM Enrichment – Automatically fill out CRM information during calls for improved customer data management.

Quality Control – Utilize AI for quality monitoring purposes.

Chat With Your Own Data – Build and fine-tune your own GPT chatbot with the assistance of Lettria’s data experts.

Product Recommendation – Improve sales by leveraging Lettria’s product recommendation relevancy.

La Poste – Analyze online reviews to enhance customer service.

Uside – Analyze employee surveys to monitor the conduct of change.

AP-HP – Utilize knowledge graphs to structure patient data.

Ademe – Improve communication about circular economy through language and statistical analyses.

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