Lebesgue is a marketing tool that helps e-commerce stores make smarter marketing decisions and boost their return on investment (ROI) by analyzing core metrics and providing actionable insights.

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how to use:
To use Lebesgue, e-commerce store owners can connect their Google, Facebook, and Instagram Ads accounts to the platform. Lebesgue will then analyze the data from these accounts and provide step-by-step recommendations to fix critical mistakes and improve performance. Users can also benchmark their ads against 4,500 different e-commerce businesses, leverage market research and competitive analysis, and measure and predict customer lifetime value (LTV).
Core freatures:
Analyzing core metricsProviding actionable insightsConnecting Google, Facebook, and Instagram AdsIdentifying and fixing critical mistakesBenchmarking ads against industry benchmarksLeveraging market research and competitive analysisMeasuring and predicting customer lifetime valueTracking sales data, customer insights, and marketing channel performance
Use case:

Improving marketing performance

Fixing critical mistakes in ads

Benchmarking ads against industry standards

Staying up to date with market trends

Measuring and predicting customer lifetime value

Optimizing marketing channels

FAQ list:
What is Lebesgue? How do I use Lebesgue? What are the core features of Lebesgue? What are the use cases of Lebesgue?


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