LayerNext is an end-to-end AI data management platform that facilitates the collection, curation, labeling, and searching of large scale Computer Vision data. It provides a unified infrastructure to capture, store, index, and search metadata, labels, model runs, and all computer vision data at scale.

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how to use:
To use LayerNext, start by signing up and creating an account. You can then explore and visualize all your AI data in one place using the DataLake feature. The Annotation Studio allows you to label image and video data at scale, while the Dataset Manager helps you manage training datasets with version control. LayerNext can be seamlessly integrated with any computer vision application or infrastructure through its SDK and API. Additionally, you can automate computer vision pipelines and optimize productivity through purpose-built data tools and automated workflows.
Core freatures:
DataLake: A unified repository for all AI dataAnnotation Studio: Label image and video data at scaleDataset Manager: Manage training datasets with version controlUnified Infrastructure: Capture, store, index, and search computer vision dataVisualize and Search: Easily explore and navigate data within DataLakeOrganize and Share: Curate and organize large datasets, share with team membersAnalyze and Debug: Understand data effectiveness, identify gaps and errorsIntegration and Automation: Seamlessly integrate with computer vision applications and automate pipelinesLayerNext Apps and Third-Party App Integration: Store and access all data in one Data Lake
Use case:

Retail: Enhance customer experience, optimize inventory management

Agriculture: Improve crop yield, monitor plant health

Healthcare: Assist in medical diagnosis, analyze medical images

Construction: Monitor construction sites, ensure safety compliance

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