Laxis is an AI meeting assistant designed for revenue teams. It helps sales, marketing, and service professionals by automatically capturing and transcribing every meeting, providing them with detailed insights and information to improve their performance in front of customers. This award-winning transcription tool allows users to easily access and review what was said in each meeting.

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how to use:
To use Laxis, simply download the free Chrome extension or connect it with your preferred online conference tool such as Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or Microsoft Teams. During the meeting, Laxis provides real-time transcription and tagging, allowing you to focus on the conversation while it takes notes. After the meeting, Laxis generates meeting summaries, follow-up emails, and actionable insights based on the recorded conversations. You can also search for key quotes within meeting transcripts and easily share them with others.
Core freatures:
Real-time transcription and tagging during meetingsIntegration with popular online conference toolsPersonalized meeting templates for consistent agendasAutomated generation of meeting summaries and follow-up emailsInsight management and analysis across meetingsSearch functionality within meeting transcriptsDownload and share meeting transcriptsAI-driven meeting enhancement featuresImproved note-taking and CRM administration
Use case:

Sales: Better engage with customers and close more deals using AI note-taking and insights from client conversations

Content Marketing: Repurpose audio content with a single click, turning podcasts, webinars, and meetings into engaging content

UX & Product Researchers: Stay focused on your focus groups while Laxis captures their comments verbatim for analysis

Industry & Market Researchers: Find critical market insights quickly by extracting relevant information from meetings or interviews

Project Managers: Simplify your status meetings with automated note-taking, clear action items, and next steps

Investment Professionals: Keep track of portfolio notes with accurate and consistent records of client calls

Management Consultants: Capture the details of client calls to solve problems faster and improve client satisfaction

Human Resource Officers: Capture candidate comments during interviews to reduce time to hire

Journalist and Media Professionals: Capture the real story verbatim for accurate reporting and meeting deadlines faster

FAQ list:
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