Latte Social is an AI-powered platform that helps you create engaging social media snippets from your videos, podcasts, and webinars. It automatically selects the best parts of your content, adds subtitles, and reformats them into vertical videos, saving you time and money.

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how to use:
Using Latte Social is simple and efficient. Here’s how:

1. Sign up for an account on Latte Social’s website.
2. Upload your long video or podcast.
3. Let the AI algorithm analyze your content and select the most engaging parts.
4. Customize the subtitles, if desired.
5. Choose the vertical video format.
6. Preview and download your social-first clips.
7. Share them on your social media channels to boost your reach and engagement.
Core freatures:
Latte Social offers the following core features:

– AI-powered selection: The platform uses artificial intelligence to identify the most engaging parts of your content automatically.
– Subtitle addition: Latte Social adds subtitles to your clips, making them more accessible and engaging.
– Vertical video format: The platform reformats your content into a vertical video format, optimized for social media platforms.
– Time and cost savings: By automating the editing process, Latte Social saves you hours of editing and eliminates the need for expensive video editors.
Use case:

Latte Social is suitable for a variety of use cases, including:

– Content creators: Increase the reach of your long-form videos or podcasts by creating attention-grabbing snippets.
– Marketers: Automate your content production and distribution to save time and resources.
– Agencies: Transform Zoom calls or webinars into engaging social media content for your clients.

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