Latent Labs

Latent Labs is a design platform that offers users the ability to stylize their logos and create 3D models. It allows you to generate unique designs for your brand or product.

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how to use:
To use Latent Labs, sign in to your account and access the design tool. Design in 3D by uploading your logo or choosing from pre-made options. Generate stylized logos or 3D models by customizing various elements such as colors, shapes, and styles. Save and download your designs for use in marketing materials, websites, or other creative projects.
Core freatures:
Logo stylization3D model generationCustomizable elements (colors, shapes, styles)Ability to upload logos or choose from pre-made optionsSave and download designs
Use case:

Branding and logo design for businesses

Creating unique and eye-catching logos for products

Designing 3D models for marketing materials and presentations

FAQ list:


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