LamdAI Playground is a Search Engine for your Documentation service that employs a custom parser, designed to simulate ChatGPT’s functionality, but solely for your specific documentation. It allows you to create a tailored search engine using your own documentation.

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how to use:
To use, follow these steps:

1. Upload your documentation by sharing the URL of your HTML or PDF files.
2. Embed’s user interface into your own solution or use their API.
3. Congratulations! Your very own Search Engine for your Documentation is now ready to use.
Core freatures:
The core features of include:

– Custom parser to simulate ChatGPT functionality
– Ability to strictly use provided data for relevant responses
– Integration options with your website or solution
– Fast and accurate response generation from indexed data
Use case: can be used for various purposes, including:

– Enhancing search functionality in documentation libraries
– Improving user experience by providing relevant, precise responses
– Increasing efficiency in finding information within documents
– Streamlining customer support by automating answers to common queries

FAQ list:
What is a ‘Search Engine for your Documentation’ service? How do I embed the service into my website? How does handle user privacy and data security? What sort of analytics or insights can I gain from Are there any costs associated with How can I contact for support or inquiries?


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