Krome Studio Plus

Krome Photos is a powerful image optimization solution that transforms any product photo into quality listing and lifestyle images. It offers AI design recommendations and live pro editors to create fun, creative, and beautiful photos for users. Users can take a photo with their camera or phone, receive AI-recommended background ideas, download a preview, or submit a request. Krome’s professional editors will then create the perfect image in hours.

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how to use:
To use Krome Photos, simply take a photo with your camera or phone. Upload the photo to Krome and receive AI design recommendations for the best design for your image. Adjust and play with the preview or submit a request for professional editing. Krome’s highly trained editors will work on your photo and deliver the finished image to your account on iOS, web, or Android.
Core freatures:
AI design recommendationsLive pro editorsFun, creative, and beautiful photo editingQuick turnaround timeLarge library of design ideasPrint-worthy image quality
Use case:

Ecommerce product photo optimization

Family photo editing

Improving image quality for online listings

Creating memorable moments with enhanced photos

Printing and sharing perfect images

FAQ list:
What can Krome Photos do? How long does it take to get a photo edited by Krome Photos? Can I request specific edits for my photo? Is the image quality suitable for printing? What types of photos can be edited with Krome Photos?


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