Kodie is a gift messaging app that allows users to send automated text, photo, and video gift messages to the intended recipients. It also offers customizable brand pages for businesses to re-engage and delight customers.

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how to use:
To use Kodie, users need to install the app and integrate it with their online store. After a customer completes a transaction, a gift message widget appears on the order confirmation page. Customers can then add personalized text, photo, or video gift messages for the recipient. Kodie secures the messages and tracks the gift order until it is delivered. Once delivered, Kodie sends the gift message to the recipient. Additionally, businesses can leverage brand pages to showcase products, run marketing campaigns, and attract customers to their online store.
Core freatures:
Automated text, photo, and video gift messagesEnd-to-end encrypted messagesCreation of video messages and Instagram-style photo messagesChatGPT powered ‘Inspire Me’ section for text message ideasTracking of gift messages and deliveriesGlobal network of shipping partnersEco-friendly and paperlessBrand loyalty and sales boosting capabilitiesBrand page analytics for customer engagement insights
Use case:

Sending personalized gift messages with ease

Delighting and re-engaging customers

Gaining insights into customers’ gifting habits

Creating lasting memories with digital gift messages

Establishing a strong online presence and acquiring new customers

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