Kive is an AI-powered platform that helps creatives and teams manage visual assets, win pitches, and create their best work 10x faster. It provides a comprehensive solution for creative asset management, inspiration discovery, and collaborative presentation creation.

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how to use:
To use Kive, creatives can start by uploading and organizing their visual assets in one place. They can then easily search and discover assets using AI-powered features like fast search, similar search, and source tracking. Kive also offers a curated feed of inspiration from top creatives worldwide, enabling users to find new ideas and perspectives. Additionally, the platform allows for seamless integration with other tools and offers AI-powered recommendations based on user preferences. Lastly, Kive’s new feature, Chapters, enables users to create beautiful presentations in record time with auto-layout and AI copilot.
Core freatures:
Creative asset management: All assets in one place, fast and accurate search, shared boards for feedbackCurated inspiration: High-quality feed of creative inspiration from global creativesSimilar search: Easily find similar imagesSource tracking: Trace back to the original source of an assetFast search: Quickly find creative assetsMultimedia content: Diverse range of content types – images, GIFs, and videosAI-powered recommendations: Personalized content recommendations based on user preferencesChapters: Create beautiful presentations with auto-layout and AI copilotSeamless integration: Import visuals from Kive into other toolsInteractive presentations: Present ideas with video, GIFs, and immersive interactivityAuto layout: Layout pages quickly with beautiful templatesCollaboration: Easy collaboration with teams on presentationsShare with a link: Share stories with editable linksAI tools: AI upscale, extract frames, AI suggestions, AI image generation, generate social assets
Use case:

Manage visual assets: Creatives and teams can easily organize and search for visual assets, saving time and improving workflow

Discover inspiration: Users can explore a curated feed of high-quality creative inspiration, finding new ideas and perspectives

Win pitches: with Kive’s collaborative tools, users can create impressive presentations and collaborate with teams to win pitches

Create best work: By harnessing AI, creatives can refine, reimagine, and represent their unique vision, enabling them to produce their best work

Fast-forward workflow: Kive’s AI tools and features accelerate the creative workflow, helping users work 10x faster

FAQ list:
What is Kive? How can I use Kive? What are the core features of Kive? What are the use cases of Kive?


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