KeyWI – AI Content Marketing Assistant

KeyWI is a content creation and optimization tool that helps businesses attract more visitors to their websites. It offers features such as auto-generated content ideas, briefings, SEO optimization suggestions, keyword and page performance monitoring, and task management. KeyWI aims to assist users in creating quality content that ranks well and generates website traffic.

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how to use:
To use KeyWI, start by signing up for an account. Once logged in, you can explore the various features offered by the tool. Generate new content ideas by utilizing the auto-generated briefings or create your own content plan. KeyWI provides SEO optimization suggestions to improve your content’s visibility and rank. You can also analyze and monitor keyword performance, page performance, and competitors. Additionally, KeyWI allows for collaboration with freelancers or agencies to work on content together. With KeyWI, you can combine your domain expertise with inspiration and data-driven insights to create content that drives results and attracts more visitors to your website.
Core freatures:
Auto-generated content ideasBriefings for copywritersContent improvements suggestionsSEO optimization suggestionsKeyword and page performance monitoringCompetitor monitoringTask managementCollaboration with freelancers and agencies
Use case:

Copywriters (both in-house and freelance) can receive better guidelines in their briefings and work with AI-generated content to save time.

In-house marketing teams can create a content planning in KeyWI with tailored content ideas, track the planning, and measure performance.

Digital marketing agencies can use KeyWI to speed up SEO research, keep track of tasks, and monitor progress across multiple projects.

Users can combine domain expertise with KeyWI’s inspiration and data-driven insights to create quality content that generates website traffic and drives business growth.

FAQ list:
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