Kadoa is an AI-powered web scraping tool that automates the extraction of data from various sources. It uses generative AI to create custom web scrapers and extract the desired data automatically.

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how to use:
1. Define the data you want to extract, specify the sources, and set the extraction schedule.
2. Kadoa generates web scrapers and adapts to changes in website structures.
3. Kadoa extracts the data accurately and transforms it based on your requirements.
4. Receive the extracted data in any format through their powerful API.
Core freatures:
1. Auto-generates web scrapers: Kadoa utilizes generative AI to automatically create web scrapers tailored to different sources.
2. Data transformation: It can map data from various sources into a unified structure and perform additional classification steps.
3. Smart Crawling: Kadoa’s autonomous crawling agent locates the desired information on websites without the need for manual intervention.
4. API and integrations: It offers a powerful API to access and utilize the extracted data in your projects and tools.
Use case:

Regularly extract job listings and properties from websites like tesla.com/careers or spacex.com/careers/jobs.

Track prices and availability of products on eCommerce websites.

Aggregate and parse job postings from thousands of job boards.

Automate lead generation by extracting relevant information.

Extract unstructured enterprise data for machine learning models.

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