JustComment is an AI-powered comment assistant that helps you write engaging and personalized comments on social media platforms.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for JustComment. 2. Install the JustComment Chrome extension. 3. Connect your social media accounts. 4. Choose the platform you want to write comments for. 5. Use the AI-powered comment generation to easily create engaging and inclusive comments. 6. Personalize your reactions and create your own reaction buttons. 7. Customize comments by using slash commands to provide specific instructions. 8. Enjoy increased audience growth and engagement.
Core freatures:
AI-powered comment generationPersonalized reactionsCustomizable comments with slash commands
Use case:

Writing 1-click AI comments for audience growth on Twitter

Creating 1-click AI comments for effective outreach on LinkedIn

Engaging with followers and generating comments on Facebook (coming soon)

Participating in discussions on Hacker News (coming soon)

Driving engagement on Product Hunt (coming soon)

Sharing comments on Instagram (coming soon)

FAQ list:
What platforms does JustComment currently support? Can I personalize my comments with my own style? How can I customize comments using slash commands?


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