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June is a product analytics tool specifically designed for B2B SaaS companies. It provides auto-generated reports that focus on how companies use your product, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

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how to use:
To start using June, you can connect your data source, implement the June SDK, or use one of the available integrations, such as Segment. Once set up, June will track user interactions and generate reports on acquisition, activation, active users, retention, power users, and churn. You can dive deep into your metrics and view company profiles instead of random IDs, providing a better understanding of your customers and their usage patterns.
Core freatures:
June offers the following core features:
– Auto-generated reports focused on how companies use your product
– Company-level metrics optimized for measuring companies’ performance
– Zero setup required for tracking the right metrics
– Integration with data sources and popular products
– User tracking and event visualization
– Detailed user profiles instead of random IDs
– Trusted by the next-gen B2B SaaS companies with a high average score on G2
– Fastest growing app for data & analytics on product hunt
– Officially the fastest growing app on Twilio Segment in 2022
Use case:

June can be used for various use cases including:
– Understanding user behavior and product usage
– Identifying acquisition and retention strategies
– Analyzing user engagement and power users
– Monitoring churn rate and identifying areas for improvement
– Benchmarking product performance against competitors
– Making data-driven decisions to optimize the product and enhance customer experience

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