Juice Labs is a software company that offers GPU-over-IP software, allowing virtual and remote access to affordable and easily-accessed GPU resources. Their software enables the utilization of unused GPU capacity, known as ‘Dark GPU’, within deployments and across different providers.

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how to use:
To use Juice Labs’ software, you need to install their GPU-over-IP software on your workstations or servers. This software allows any GPU-accelerated workload to have direct remote access to any GPU capacity on any network. This means that you can share, compose, and access GPUs in ways that were not possible before. There is no need for additional hardware, as the software utilizes existing GPU resources.
Core freatures:
GPU-over-IP softwareUtilization of ‘Dark GPU’ (unused GPU capacity)Dynamic sharing and pooling of GPU resourcesNetwork-attached GPUEnterprise software for quick GPU installationGPU utilization optimizationAccess GPUs over standard network infrastructureFree trapped GPU capacity
Use case:

Supercharging GPUs for increased compute performance

Maximizing GPU utilization to do more with less

Leveraging GPUs in workstations and servers for improved efficiency

Unlocking underutilized or unused GPUs in cloud provisioning and servers

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