Journey Automagic AI

Journey is a platform that helps users engage, close, and onboard customers in one link. It enables users to create interactive presentations called Journeys that incorporate video, slides, and interactive embeds like calendars. With Journey, users can tell better stories and increase their chances of winning deals.

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how to use:
1. Sign up for a free account with Journey using your Google or Microsoft credentials.
2. Explore ready-to-use templates or create your own Journey from scratch.
3. Utilize the AI-powered automagic creation feature to generate a first draft of your content.
4. Personalize your Journeys and make them more appealing by inserting recipients’ logos on the fly.
5. Maintain consistent branding by choosing from Journey’s automagically created branded themes.
6. Use a variety of content blocks such as text, images, files, links, Google embeds, Gong videos, and more to build your story.
7. Track the performance of your Journeys with detailed insights.
8. Share your Journeys with your target audience to engage, close deals, and onboard customers effectively.
Core freatures:
Responsive slides and interactive embedsAI-powered automagic creation of contentPersonalization at scaleAutomagic branding with branded themesWide range of content blocks including text, images, files, links, Google embeds, Gong videos, and moreMobile-friendly designDetailed insights and tracking
Use case:

Creating engaging sales presentations

Pitch decks for winning deals

Onboarding customers seamlessly

Sharing interactive stories

Showcasing products or services effectively

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